O melhor lado da Cristina

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Ele perguntou quem era TBA e foi informado da minha empresa, qual já se destacava. Ele ficou curioso e agradecido pela homenagem.

The brothers first launched the products for sale through their Beligra and say the results have been life-changing.

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TOD☀️S @FrenteDeTodos Jun 29 “Aspiro a de que los debates los podamos dar civilizadamente. De que podamos escucharnos y qual primen las razones, y no los insultos ni los prejuicios.”

In surgery, she called Shane a shark, as he did a pericardial window on his own in the ER. She assured him it was a good thing, as all good surgeons were sharks: you see what you want, do whatever it takes to get it, like her. She told him to never apologize, as sharks don't do that. She allowed him make the decision on how they'd continue the surgery, and he chose the risky move, which she pulled off successfully.

You shoot her, you touch her, and I will kill you!" The situation became even more dangerous when Meredith stood up, ordering the gunman to kill her instead of Derek. As the barrel of the gun moved to Meredith, Owen jumped towards Clark, forcing the shooter to shoot him instead of Meredith. After the gunman had gone, Cristina, not knowing the extent of his injuries, urged Meredith to save Owen. Luckily, it turned out the bullet had only pierced his shoulder, and in the wake of the disaster, Owen and Cristina got back together.

They proceeded to have sex. The next day, Burke tried to get Cristina to define their relationship, but a commitment-phobic Cristina brushed him off. She later found out later that she was pregnant and immediately scheduled an abortion.

View conversation · cristina jerome @CrisdaCat Jul 10 Everyone saying leo is trash we don’t play the victim. We know very well wtf we did and our response is “and what about it?” twitter.com/nayy_manii/sta…

Cristina thought otherwise and walked away. Parker came to check up multiple times during the surgery, wanting to interfere when the aneurysm blew, but Thomas told him to back off. After surgery, Parker put Thomas on probation as he refused to step down gracefully and he asked Cristina to talk to Thomas. Cristina confessed to Thomas that she felt guilty over what happened, but he assured her that Parker had been after him a long time. He told her not to worry about his employment and drove her home to get a good night sleep before the second surgery on their patient.

She advised him to go after an old lady wearing Chanel and returned to Richy Rich with a drink. Some time later, she went to get another drink for the guy. At the bar, she met Alex and told him that every drink she served the guy would mean another zero on the check he'd check it out give her. She had so much that night, reminding her of her intern year, in which they played dirty and stole surgeries. They didn't get to do that anymore now. While treating the victim of an accident at the party, Cristina wondered if Richy Rich was watching, as they looked awesome taking care of the patient and that would mean even more money. She was paged to the hospital to operate on a tamponading junkie.

C. and Arizona informed her that a heart had become available for Link. She scrubbed in with Alex and reminded him of how good he is, suggesting he was putting all that talent in a drawer by taking the job at the private practice. Unbeknownst to him, she had laid him an envelope on his bed, leaving him her shares of the hospital. She requested that Maggie Pierce, her new boss, prep Link for her.

Christina is the coolest, nicest and prettiest person ever. She is very cute in both personalities and appearance. Christina is very kind, generous and she is the only person/friend that you can trust and believe in. Christina is very sporty, smart and she gives very good advice. She has the best smile and can make anyone smile. Christina is confident and always has someone's back, even if she isn't friends with that person.

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